THE NEW RANAO STAR is published every Monday from the Islamic City of Marawi, Philippines, as an independent newspaper for general circulation aimed to promote peace, development and human rights.

It can be said that it is a sequel of the defunct Ranao Star which was founded in November 2003 by MASIDING NOOR YAHYA, a veteran journalist and academician.

Due to cruel circumstances, it had to shelve publication years later. Hard and electronic copies, as well as other equipment and property of the Ranao Star were transferred to the residence of the publisher in Brgy. Dangiprampiai Proper, Ditsaan Ramain, Lanao del Sur. 

As the house was erected near the river, the house fell to the river when floods, after effect of Sendong in 2010, hit the area. Everything was lost. 

But since there is no local newspaper published in Marawi and Lanao del Sur, there was persisting clamor from the local reading public for a print media to carry local news and developments.

Responding to such clamor, Prof. Yahya resigned from an international college in Makati as in-charge of student affairs and returned home to launch the maiden issue of The New Ranao Star in July 2013 with a new name, The New Ranao Star. 

 First it was published by Ranao Star Media Group. Today, it is published by the Ranao Publishing House, a business entity registered in the Islamic city of Marawi, and operating under the laws of the Philippines.

The new paper’s masthead is almost a replica of the old except the insert of the word NEW to signify that it is a new print medium different from the defunct one but pursuing the same objectives.

The launching of the maiden issue also commemorated the first day of the Holy Month of Ramadhan that year.

Since the publication is not being financed by any outside patron, it relies on its sales of copies and space placements. Hence, the maiden issue did not come out in its present form. It was printed by risograph in magazine-size (A4) bond.

On its sixth issue, however, it was printed in white bond paper with its covers (outside and inside pages) in full colors.

It was in the last quarter of the year that it came out in tabloid size with newsprint paper and its front page printed in  full colors.

Today, the New Ranao Star is circulating in almost all major cities in Mindanao and dubbed as the fastest growing newspaper in the south of Philippines.